Who pays for what? Here is how the costs break down for new Buffalo Bills stadium | Local News

$6 million: Annual state contribution to the Capital Improvement Fund for each of the the 30 years of the lease.

$6.67 million: Annual state contribution into a maintenance and repair fund. The payments will last for 15 years. The county will not pay into this fund.

Up to $4 million: Estimated annual contribution to capital improvements generated by Erie County through game-day surcharges – essentially a tax – on stadium users who buy tickets, concessions and other items sold at the new facility.

$900,000: Estimated annual contribution to the capital improvement fund from Bills lease payments.

All told, the state would pay just under $12.67 million a year in ongoing costs for the first 15 years of the lease. That figure is close to the $13.2 million annually that New York and Erie County combined – each paying $6.6 million – currently pay into a capital fund and for operating expenses under the 2013 stadium renovation deal. It will drop to $6 million per year for the final 15 years of the lease.

Under the new agreement, the state no longer would pay for game day or operating expenses at the stadium. Those will be the responsibility of the Bills. And, unlike the current stadium, the state – not Erie County – would own the new venue.


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