Where on-street parking rates are changing in Seattle

On-street paid parking rates changed Monday for just over one-third of Seattle’s paid parking places and times.

Parking rates are staying the same or decreasing in over half of the neighborhoods and times of day. Out of the 90 total parking rates and times throughout Seattle, the Seattle Department of Transportation made 37 adjustments: 32 increases and five decreases.

Parking rates are now at or below $2 per hour at 95% of locations and times, according to SDOT. The highest hourly rate will be $3 per hour in the south part of the Denny Triangle during midday hours. All rates still fall below the maximum $5 per hour rate, which was set for certain areas and times before the pandemic, said SDOT spokesperson Ethan Bergerson.

SDOT said the department adjusts parking rates based on observational data and with the goal of ensuring there are one or two open parking spaces on a block during busy times.

The adjustments that took effect Monday were based on an analysis of data collected in January 2022, according to SDOT.

In this round of adjustments, areas with an occupancy level above 85% and at or above 100% had their hourly parking rates increased by $0.50 or $1 respectively. Areas that had occupancy below 70% had their rates decreased by $0.50. If a parking area had an occupancy rate between 70% and 85%, the hourly rate stayed the same.

“Given the seasonal changes to parking and economic activity in Seattle, we will be making two additional rate adjustments in 2022, currently planned for this summer and fall,” SDOT said in a blog post.

Payment for parking temporarily stopped in April 2020 due to the mayor’s stay-at-home executive order. In early July 2020, parking payment was reinstated starting with $0.50 per hour in all areas during all times of day. Parking rates were also adjusted in February 2021 and June 2021.

A full list of parking rates can be found on SDOT’s website at: seattle.gov/transportation/projects-and-programs/programs/parking-program/paid-parking-information/street-parking-rates

Morning parking rates last between 8 am and 11 am Midday rates last between 11 am and 5 pm and evening rates last between 5 pm and 8 pm

See when and where rates are changing in the table below:

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