Tiny robotic crabs are the world’s smallest remote-controlled walking robots

Engineers at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois, invented the world’s smallest remote-controlled walking robot, according to research published in the journal Science Robotics. Each one is about half a millimeter wide, which is smaller than the thickness of a United States penny. It took a year and a half to create the miniscule metal creatures, … Read more

Did dinosaur blood run warm or cold? New study aims to settle the debate

The question of whether the blood that coursed through dinosaurs’ giant frames ran warm or cold, like that of reptiles, is a long-standing one that has vexed paleontologists. Knowing that fundamental piece of information could illuminate the lives of the prehistoric creatures in significant ways. Warm-blooded animals have a high metabolic rate — they take … Read more

‘Sharkcano’: NASA captures eruption of submarine volcano, home to 2 shark species

Sign up for CNN’s Wonder Theory science newsletter. Explore the universe with news on fascinating discoveries, scientific advancements and more. The image, taken on May 14 by the Operational Land Imager 2 on the Landsat 9 satellite, shows a plume of discolored water being emitted from the submarine volcano. The satellite is designed to capture … Read more

Hubble identifies unusual wrinkle in expansion rate of the universe

Over the past 30 years, the space observatory has helped scientists discover and refine that accelerating rate — as well as uncover a mysterious wrinkle that only brand-new physics may solve. Hubble has observed more than 40 galaxies that include pulsating stars as well as exploding stars called supernovae to measure even greater cosmic distances. … Read more

In a Wild Twist, Physicists Have Revived an Alternative Theory of Gravity

Out in the dark depths of space, our models of the Universe get messy. A new study looking at the ultra-diffuse dwarf galaxy AGC 114905 has revived a controversial theory (or more accurately a hypothesis) of gravity, and given us more questions than answers about what’s making our galaxies tick. It all starts with dark … Read more

‘Ghost’ fossils reveal tiny organisms that survived ancient ocean warming events

Looking through a powerful microscope, researchers were stunned to see the impressions left by single-celled plankton, or fossilized nannoplankton, that lived millions of years ago — especially since they were analyzing something else. “The discovery of the ghost fossils was a complete surprise,” said study author Sam Slater, researcher at the Swedish Museum of Natural … Read more

Decreasing power will end the NASA InSight lander’s Mars mission this summer

Due to a decreasing power supply, the mission will cease scientific operations by the end of late summer, said Kathya Zamora Garcia, InSight deputy project manager at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, during a news conference Tuesday. InSight’s solar panels have been increasingly covered in red Martian dust, despite creative efforts by the … Read more

Total lunar eclipse 2022: How to view the ‘blood moon’

The moon will glow a scarlet color during this year’s first total lunar eclipse on Sunday — a stark contrast to its ordinarily milky white sheen. A partial eclipse will begin at 10:27 pm ET Sunday, with the total lunar eclipse starting at 11:29 pm ET, according to EarthSky. The total eclipse will end at … Read more

1st image of supermassive black hole at the center of Milky Way galaxy revealed

It’s the first direct observation confirming the presence of the black hole, known as Sagittarius A*, as the beating heart of the Milky Way. Black holes don’t emit light, but the image shows the shadow of the black hole surrounded by a bright ring, which is light bent by the gravity of the black hole. … Read more

Fragment of the asteroid that killed off the dinosaurs may have been found in amber

It’s one of several astounding finds at a unique fossil site in the Hell Creek Formation in North Dakota that has preserved remnants of the cataclysmic moment that ended the dinosaur era — a turning point in the history of the planet. The fossils unearthed there include fish that sucked in debris blasted out during … Read more