This MIT Bot Can Accurately Predict Your Race Using an X-Ray. Scientists Have No Idea How It Works.

Artificial intelligence has a racism problem. Look no further than the bots that go on racist rants, or the facial recognition tech that refuses to see Black people, or discriminatory HR bots that won’t hire people of color. It’s a pernicious issue plaguing the world of neural networks and machine learning that not only strengthens … Read more

Boeing lands Starliner capsule, completing a crucial test flight

Boeing’s Starliner capsule lands in White Sands, New Mexico on May 25, 2022 to complete the OFT-2 mission. NASATV Boeing landed its uncrewed Starliner spacecraft in the New Mexico desert on Wednesday, completing a crucial test flight as the company prepares to carry astronauts. Starliner landed at the US Army’s White Sands Missile Range, after … Read more

Boeing’s Starliner capsule to return home from

As it approaches the thick inner shell of the Earth’s atmosphere, the spacecraft will ignite its thrusters in a fiery blaze of heat and speed before deploying parachutes to slow its descent. It’s expected to land in a puff of sand in a remote area of ​​the New Mexican desert, called White Sands, which has … Read more

The NASA Mars InSight lander just took its final selfie

Sign up for CNN’s Wonder Theory science newsletter. Explore the universe with news on fascinating discoveries, scientific advancements and more. CNN — This is the last time we’ll ever see a selfie from NASA’s InSight lander on Mars. And judging by the amount of dust coating the lander’s solar panels, it’s easy to see why. … Read more

NASA Moves Ahead With Wild Solar Sail Concept

Artist’s conception of the diffractive lightsail. The rainbow-like patterns would be similar to how CDs exhibit similar patterns when held under a light. Drawing: mackenzi martin A project to develop diffractive solar sails has advanced to the third and final phase of NASA’s advanced concepts program. The team behind the project now has two years … Read more

Here’s the Last Selfie From the Fading InSight Mars Lander

NASA has shared the final self-portrait that will be taken by the InSight Mars lander, showing dust-caked solar panels that blend into the surrounding regolith. The InSight mission is expected to end this year, and the lander will need all of its remaining power to gather as much scientific data as possible. In a press … Read more

Here’s what happened during Boeing’s ‘nail-biting’ spacecraft docking

The mission kicked off Thursday evening with a Florida launch, and the Starliner — which is designed to carry astronauts but is flying without people for this test — docked with the ISS Friday night at 8:28 pm ET. The docking occurred about an hour later than expected as ground crews worked through a few … Read more

Boeing docks Starliner capsule to ISS for the first time | Space News

Boeing’s astronaut capsule reaches International Space Station in uncrewed test do-over after several failed attempts. With only a test dummy aboard, Boeing’s astronaut capsule pulled up and parked at the International Space Station (ISS) for the first time, a huge achievement for the company after years of false starts. With Starliner’s arrival late on Friday, … Read more

Voyager 1 Space Probe Is Suddenly Sending NASA Wacky Data

Voyager 1 is nearly 14.5 billion miles from Earth and continues to hurtle out of the solar system at about 38,000 miles per hour. But NASA engineers working on the 44-year-old spacecraft have recently been vexed by the probe’s articulation and control system, which is generating data that appears to be completely random. “A mystery … Read more

Boeing makes third attempt to launch its Starliner capsule to the ISS

Launch of the capsule, called the Starliner, is scheduled for 6:54 pm ET Thursday from Florida’s Cape Canaveral Space Force Station. If all goes well, the Atlas V rocket will vault the capsule into orbit, after which it will detach and spend about 24 hours free flying through orbit before it arrives at the ISS … Read more