This MIT Bot Can Accurately Predict Your Race Using an X-Ray. Scientists Have No Idea How It Works.

Artificial intelligence has a racism problem. Look no further than the bots that go on racist rants, or the facial recognition tech that refuses to see Black people, or discriminatory HR bots that won’t hire people of color. It’s a pernicious issue plaguing the world of neural networks and machine learning that not only strengthens … Read more

The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative’s Bold Plan Is Already Working

This transcript has been edited for clarity  Eric J. Topol, MD: This is really a great occasion to have a chance to meet with Priscilla Chan and Mark Zuckerberg and discuss the remarkable progress and dedication at the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (CZI). CZI has been around for well over 5 years now. And it also … Read more

Alexa for Animals: AI Is Teaching Us How Creatures Communicate

Artificial intelligence has already enabled humans to chat with robots like Alexa and Siri that were inspired by science fiction. Some of its newest creations take a page from a hero of children’s literature: Doctor Dolittle. Researchers are using AI to parse the “speech” of animals, enabling scientists to create systems that, for example, detect … Read more