Russia orders cadets into Ukraine, sends more mercenaries after Zelensky: LIVE UPDATES

Russian President Vladimir Putin is becoming a “pariah,” an outcast, before the world stage amid his ongoing invasion of Ukraine, foreign policy experts say.

While experts believe it’s too soon to determine whether Putin will be successful in his attempts to take control of Ukraine — acknowledging that there will likely be some form of a partial victory — it is clear that the Russian dictator has done irreversible damage to his own country with the invasion.

“I think Putin’s future is grim. I think, at home, he will be under the constant threat of opposition — possibly of a coup, some kind of power grab — to remove him because even his closest allies are now seeing the problem,” said Robert English, a professor of Central European Studies at the University of Southern California. “And if they gain less by staying loyal than they would if he’s replaced, it’s just a matter of how to do it.”

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UN: 902 civilians in Ukraine dead since Russian invasion started

The U.N. human rights office (OHCHR) reported Sunday that at least 902 civilians in Ukraine have been killed since the start of Russia’s invasion.

A further 1,459 civilians have been injured in that time.

The number for both is likely higher than what the U.N. has been able to record.

Biden to revisit Europe this week, no plans for Ukraine stop

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki announced Sunday that President Biden would visit Europe again this week.

Details of the trip, including stops, have yet to be revealed, but Psaki made clear that Biden will not visit Ukraine.

“The trip will be focused on continuing to rally the world in support of the Ukrainian people and against President Putin’s invasion of Ukraine,” Psaki wrote.

Ukraine warns more Russian Wagner Group mercenaries sent to ‘eliminate’ Zelenskyy

The Ukrainian defense ministry warned Sunday that another group of Russian Wagner Group mercenaries arrived in Ukraine on a mission to assassinate Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and take out other high-ranking Ukrainian politicians on the fourth week since the invasion’s onset.  

“Another group of militants linked to Yevgeniy Prigozhin, a Russian propagandist close to Putin and owner of the Liga (Wagner), began arriving in Ukraine today,” the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine said in a Facebook post. 

“The main task of criminals is to eliminate the top military and political leadership of Ukraine.” 

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Ukraine warns Belarus planning ‘direct invasion’ to assist Putin’s forces

Ukrainian officials warned on Sunday that the Belarusian military was preparing to invade at the onset of the fifth week since Russian President Vladimir Putin’s forces first descended on Ukraine last month.  

In a statement shared to Facebook, Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense said there were signs that suggested the armed forces of the Republic of Belarus were preparing for a “direct invasion” of Ukrainian territory. 

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Russia deploys more Wagner personnel to Ukraine: defense officials

Ukraine’s Defense Ministry on Sunday claimed to have intelligence that suggested Russia has deployed more Wagner personnel in an effort to eliminate senior political and military leaders in Ukraine.

Officials said that Putin “personally” ordered the attack, which will target Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy as well as Prime Minister Denis Shmigal.

But the Defense Ministry said “Ukrainian army, special services and law enforcement agencies are well-known Kremlin plans.”

“We are ready for the rest of the aggressor both in the front and in the back,” a press release said. “No terrorist attacks will succeed.”

Russia orders deployment of cadets: Ukrainian Defense Ministry

Ukrainian defense officials claimed Sunday to have obtained documents that indicate Russia has ordered the deployment of cadets to Ukraine.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has repeatedly told his people that the army is not utilizing cadets, but photos of the documents posted online indicate that Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu has signed an order to the contrary.

The deployment will see Yunarmia cadets aged 17 and 18 pushed to the frontlines in Ukraine.

US official: Russia did fire more than one hypersonic missile

A Senior U.S. official confirmed to Fox News that Russia did deploy more than one hypersonic missile Saturday.

Fox News correspondent Jennifer Griffin reported that officials have stressed that the use of such a weapon is not part of an escalation towards nuclear weapons.

But officials have speculated that Putin may instead be running out of precision guided missiles.

New poll finds Ukrainians overwhelmingly believe Russia will lose war

A new poll by the Rating Group found that 93% of Ukrainians believe they will defeat Russia.

Almost half of Ukrainians polled believe the war will end in the next few weeks, The Kyiv Independent reported.

And Ukrainians do not support a ceasefire unless Russia fully retreats from the country.

Zelenskyy blasts Russian ‘terror’ as Mariupol art school sheltering 400 is struck

Russia’s “terror” unleashed on the city of Mariupol, Ukraine, this month will be “remembered for centuries to come,” Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy predicted Sunday.

Zelenskyy’s remarks came in his latest video statement to Ukraine’s citizens, The Associated Press reported.

The remarks coincided with Sunday reports that Russian forces had destroyed an art school building in Mariupol where as many as 400 people were believed to have sought shelter.

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Mariupol art school where 400 sheltered bombed; casualties unclear

The Russians bombed an art school in Mariupol where about 400 people were sheltering in the latest attack on the besieged port city, local authorities said Sunday.

It’s unclear if there were any casualties.

More than 100 children killed in war: Ukraine

At least 115 children have been killed by Russian forces during the war so far, Ukraine’s Prosecutor General’s Office said Sunday. Another 140 have been injured.

A 9-year-old boy died in Kharkiv on Sunday during a Russian artillery attack. It’s unclear if he was included in the count.

Putin’s war against Ukraine may have spiritual, religious foundations: ‘Good vs. evil’

The fuel behind Russian President Vladimir Putin’s rage against Ukraine probably has more spiritual and religious foundations than most pundits have acknowledged.

For religious leaders, the war in Ukraine is a top concern. 

For faith leaders in media, this conflict is not just about politics.

Dirk Smith is one of the thousands of faith leaders in media who met last week in Nashville, Tennessee, for the National Religious Broadcasters convention. 

He says Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is a simple spiritual matter. 

“It’s good versus evil … It is not Russians versus Ukrainians,” Smith says. “The Russian people — they don’t want this.”

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Civilians killed in Kharkiv

At laest five civilians were killed by a Russian artillery attack in the eastern city of Kharkiv Sunday morning, including a 9-year-old boy, local authorities said.

The city has faced relentless attacks since the start of the war.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Belarus leader Lukashenko lavishes Putin with praise: ‘Better shape than ever’

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has been derided by world leaders as a “dangerous” and “small, feral-eyed man” as he directs the invasion of Ukraine. But don’t tell that to Belarus’ President Alexander Lukashenko.

In an interview with a Japanese media outlet, Lukashenko – a Putin ally whose country borders both Russia and Ukraine and was reportedly used as a staging area for the invasion that began Feb. 24 and is now in its fourth week – described the 69-year-old former KGB agent as “a completely sane, healthy person, physically healthy – he’s an athlete.

“As they say here,” Lukashenko added about Putin, “he’ll catch a cold at all our funerals.”

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Only people around Putin now are ‘yes men’: Former Army intelligence officer

Michael Pregent weighs in on Putin reportedly detaining top Russian general.

Zelenskyy suspends 11 political parties with Russian ties

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy on Sunday ordered the suspension of 11 political parties in Ukraine that have ties to Russia.

The Opposition Platform for Life is the largest with 44 out of 450 seats in parliament. The party’s leader Viktor Medvedchuk is friendly with Russian President Vladimir Putin who is the godfather of Medvedchuk’s daughter.

He also suspnded the Nashi Party led by Yevheniy Murayev who U.K. authorities previously warned Russia would try to install as the new president of Ukraine.

“given a large-scale war unleashed by the Russian Federation and links between it and some political structures, the activities of a number of political parties is suspended for the period of the martial law.” He added that “activities by politicians aimed at discord and collaboration will not succeed.”

Zelenskyy says war crimes in Mariupol will be remembered for centuries

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy early Sunday said Russia’s attack on the besieged city of Mariupol would be remembered for centuries for its “terror” on the residents and “war crimes” committed.

Mariupol is a strategic port city and its fall would mark a crucial advance for Russian troops who have yet to take control of a major Ukrainian city nearly a month into the war.

“To do this to a peaceful city, what the occupiers did, is a terror that will be remembered for centuries to come,” Zelenskyy said in a video address to the nation.

A Mariupol police officer in a separate video said children and the elderly are dying in the city, which has been largely without necessities like food and water since the war started.

“The city is destroyed and it is wiped off the face of the earth,” Officer Michail Vershnin said.

As war rages, Ukrainian-American couple with newborn, stranded in Kyiv, open bakery

A Ukrainian-American couple who traveled from New York to Kyiv for business say they could not escape the Ukrainian capital city before the war broke out Feb. 24 because they welcomed a new baby just days before the Russian invasion, which prevented them from leaving. Now they’re turning to the bread business to supplement their income.

International officials “were telling people you have to leave because there is the possibility of war but my wife being nine months pregnant [made that] impossible,” said Sergii Nosenko.

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Fox News correspondent recounts his view from the frontlines in Ukraine

Steve Harrigan describes what was different from most other war zones following his return from Ukraine.

Mariupol city council claims Russians have relocated its residents forcibly

The city council of the besieged city of Mariupol this weekend claimed that Russian troops have forcibly relocated thousands of residents, sending some to Russia.

Ukraine is still holding the key Black Sea port that has seen some of the worst of the war. The fall of Mariupol would mark a major battlefield advance for the Russians, who are largely bogged down outside major cities more than three weeks in.

Local officials report that more than 2,500 residents have been killed in the city.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Chinese official calls sanctions on Russia increasingly ‘outrageous’

A senior Chinese government official said on Saturday that sanctions imposed by Western nations on Russia over Ukraine are increasingly “outrageous”.

Vice Foreign Minister Le Yucheng also acknowledged Moscow’s point of view on NATO, saying the alliance should not further expand eastwards, forcing a nuclear power like Russia “into a corner”.

China has yet to condemn Russia’s action in Ukraine or call it an invasion, though it has expressed deep concern about the war. Beijing has also opposed economic sanctions on Russia over Ukraine, which it says are unilateral and are not authorized by the U.N. Security Council.

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US doesn’t ‘seem prepared’ for possibility that Putin uses nuclear weapons: expert

The United States’ reactionary moves to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine suggest that it does not have an adequate plan in place to respond if Russian President Vladimir Putin decides to use a nuclear weapon, a former U.S. intelligence officer told Fox News.

Rebekah Koffler, a former U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency agent and author of “Putin’s Playbook: Russia’s Secret Plan to Defeat America,” explained to Fox News that while the U.S. certainly has a strategic plan in place if Putin uses a nuclear weapon, recent responses to Russia’s aggression instill little confidence that the United States is doing the necessary preparation for such an outcome.

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Putin targeting civilians is ‘incomprehensible’: Johnny ‘Joey’ Jones

The Big Weekend Show’ panelists react to Russia’s attacks on civilian targets in Ukraine.

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