ISS and China’s space station photobomb image of 4 planets aligned in the sky

Planets Jupiter, Venus, Mars and Saturn, alongside the moon, shine above Rome at dawn, while the Tianhe Chinese space station crosses the sky on April 27, 2022. (Image credit: Gianluca Masi/The Virtual Telescope Project)

The International Space Station and China’s space station photobombed a four-planet line-up in the early morning sky for Italian astrophysicist Gianluca Masi.

“While looking at the night sky is always amazing, sometimes the experience exceeds our expectations,” Masi, who is the founder of the Virtual Telescope Project, said in a statement. After hopping into his car at 4 am local time, he reached one of his favorite scenic spots in Rome. “No less than four planets (Jupiter, Venus, Mars and Saturn) were waiting for me, with a sharp moon crescent joining the show in the same spot of Jupiter and Venus (the brightest planets), hanging on the South-Eastern horizon minutes before sunrise,” Masi said.

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